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We are always looking for classy sexy girls who want to work with an Escort Agency with a new look at the business – and girls who want to earn some extra money.

About VIP Girls Deluxe Escorts

VIP GIRLS DELUXE ESCORTS, an Escort agency with good quality in every area – giving you the BEST Escort girls in Barcelona, Mallorca, Ibiza, Madrid, and Marbella.

All Girls Escorts represented by VIP Girls Deluxe Escorts are top motivated and selected carefully so you get the most fantastic experience when you book with us.

With VIP Girls Deluxe Escorts you get 100% real girls and real photos

Way too often the photos you see on the Escort agency websites are very old and very photoshopped.  And Ohhh – how disappointed you can be when you see the Escort girl you booked.  That won’t happen here – We GUARANTEE that WHAT YOU SEE IS WHAT YOU GET. 

Otherwise you can walk away and pay nothing – or we will get you a new Girl Escort in no time. Read more about our total guarantee HERE.

VIP Girls Deluxe Escorts – An escort agency with a super service

For some it can be a bit awkward to call an escort agency – but not with us.  When you call, VIP Girls Deluxe Escorts, you will meet a happy voice and we will always be glad to answer all your questions and give you advice about which girl is best for you.  Remember, it’s totally natural for us to talk about all things sexy. We have heard it all before. Trust us.

Super sexy passionate Escort girls

We have the privilege of presenting you with an extraordinary variety of escorts, at your disposal to accompany you to events, parties or trips. Or a HOT meeting where you live out your dreams with a super beautiful and sexy escort girl – kinky dream or a threesome fantasy. You name it – and we are almost certainly able to help you, connecting you to an Escort girl who love that. If you knew how open-minded those girls escorts are – you would go crazy.

Escort girls for party, or for travelling

Many of the areas we are working in, are typical holiday and party areas – so almost all our girls are more than happy to make your holiday or party even more enjoyable.

And if you need them for a long time – no problem.

Get your own VIP Manager at VIP Girls Deluxe Escorts

Our agency is not called VIP Girls Deluxe Escorts for nothing. If you are a regular client or if need more Escorts girls for a party or event – we will allocate you a specialized VIP manager who will do her outmost to help you arrange and finding the best Girl Escorts for your event.

VIP Girls Deluxe Escorts = A total confidentiality for you

Because you as a client want to be open and meet your Escort girl/girls freely and be able to relax totally we have a total confidentiality.

And due to the special security/confidentiality levels that some of the high-level clients we are working with have – we have former police, security and intelligence consultants working for us to ensure maximum security.  We can’t tell more about it – but just know we go several steps further than most Escort agencies to protect you and the Girl escorts. It’s nothing scary – nothing mafia like – just pure safety.

Important boring message

This notice is a bit boring – but it’s just to tell you that we work on the right side of the law –and treat all our Girl Escorts with the highest level of respect and attention. 

VIP Girls Deluxe Escorts is an Escort marketing agency and we ONLY offer you the contact with the escort girls.

That means that the girl escorts are working for themselves – and are NOT employed by us. They HIRE US because they like the way we work – to take care of their phone while they are working, do the marketing, the security, and some advising.

So, VIP Girls Deluxe Escorts is a marketing and booking service for Independent escort girls – and we act only as a telephone booking and advertising agency for the girls to promote and facilitate meetings between you as the client and the girl escorts – for predetermined periods of time.

VIP Girls Deluxe Escorts accepts no responsibility for what happens during the meetings and what you and the girl escort spend your time doing. Its all up to what you agree with the Escort girl – and for sure the chemistry you have with the escort girl. 

What activity that may, or may not go on at your meeting with the girl escorts is something you as two (or more) adults agree on when you meet. And remember that if the Escort girl says no to something – it’s a NO.

All the Girl Escorts on this webpage has freely chosen to use us as their marketing and booking agency. All the Girl escorts work independently and choose freely when and where they want to work – and also if they want to work at all. The Girl Escorts aren’t bound by any long-term contracts with us – except for total confidentiality – which is to protect you. The Girl Escorts are also in charge of paying their own insurance and taxes. Most of them don’t like that part of the job – but that’s life.