Anal licking

Beso Negro or Analingus

Anal Licking - Beso Negro

It’s called many names – anilingus, rimming, rim job or anal-oral sex, and in Spanish Beso Negro.

Anal licking - Girls Deluxe

Anal licking and all the other names stand for oral sex in the anal area. It’s both done with tongue and lips. Both men can women can do and receive it because the anal area is a very sensitive area and it gives fantastic arousal and therefore also a strong and intense orgasm.

Many men and women have a lot of taboo about anal sex and maybe, even more, the analingus. Some men are scared of being perceived as gay if that enjoy any form of anal sex – which is a terrible shame because it will give them a totally new dimension to their sex life to include that very sensitive hole.  It’s one of the most erogenous zones of your body – both in women and men.

Luckily more and more women and men practice anal sex and anal play in many variations – and that also includes anal licking. It’s extra intimate to practice the anal licking.

How to do Anal licking?

As with all anal sex – HYGIENE is important to make it a pleasure and also to make it safe.

  • Keep your anal area hairless – it makes it cleaner and much bigger pleasure to lick the anal area if it’s not a great bush.
  • A really good position for anal licking is doggy style Sit on your knees on the bed or on the floor and stick your ass up. And just relax and enjoy.
  • Another good position is this: The person who does the analingus lies down on the bed and you kneel over him/her. Then you can see each other and this makes you even more excited. You also have more control over what is happening and where to lick.  Maybe something many men like. At least in the beginning
  • Analingus is also fantastic as preparation for anal sex. It can be with strap on, toys or intercourse – depending on who you do it with. The saliva relaxes and lubricates the asshole – making it ready for more…

Many of our sexy escorts offer the anal licking – so search for beso negro or rimming and you will find the escorts that do that.  But for them to do it you need to follow the tips above and also shower right before.  Then you maybe want to proceed with more anal play – for example, strap on sex or dildo play.  Only your fantasy set the limits.

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