Anal sex – Anal play

How to have Anal sex with your escort

How to have anal sex with your escort girl.

Anal sex gives an extra dimension to your sex life and it mostly gives even more intense orgasms – both for men and women.

Its still connected to some taboo – but luckily this is changing. In ancient times, anal sex was a very normal sexual practice.

But again – you either love it. Some people don’t even want to try the sensation – and that’s a shame- because you leave out such a big dimension of your sex life.

Research tells us that most women have tried it at some point and a few of them will never do it again. Often because they did it with a partner who didn’t know how to do it the right way. But just be aware that if your escort says no to anal sex- then she means it. It’s NOT up for discussion.

If you want to have anal sex with your escort – please be sure to book a little bit extra time. Anal sex demands a bit more trust and confidence in you.


Tips for good anal sex

  • A no is a no: Don’t keep on asking.
  • Inform us if you want anal sex: Please tell us when you book that you would like to have anal sex. Then the escort can make some preparations and clean out before.
  • Relax: Anal sex isn’t something you can hurry into – like you can have a quickie in the “normal” way. You need to relax and take your time – then it will be a great pleasure for both of you. Anal sex is most often at the end of the intercourse – and the escort girl will act when its time. Just enjoy it all and let her take charge.  Anal sex takes even more foreplay than vaginal sex.
  • Lube – a lot of it: When a girl gets horny her vagina gets wet. It’s not the same with the ass. There you need to use a good lubricant.
  • Let her decide: The escort girl will take the initiative to start the anal sex when its time. Let her take control so and decide the position and speed.
  • Variation: I know you have seen it in some porn movies where the men change between the vagina and ass all the time. And it might turn you on – but it will also give the escort some problems the day after – due to the bacteria’s in the ass. If you want to change to vaginal use again after anal sex then you must change condom or do a proper washing of your penis.
  • Messy: Yes, with anal sex things can – at times – be messy and smelly. That’s a part of the game at times. It doesn’t happen very often if the girl knows what to do to prepare – but just know it CAN happen.
  • Porn: You probably have seen a lot of rough anal sex in porn movies and we can only say one thing: FORGET IT. It’s NOT going to happen here. If you get too excited and rough the escort girl will stop you immediately. You need to take it slowly and if the escort girl feels for it – she can make if faster – NOT YOU.
  • Your anal experience: Women get a lot of excitement from anal sex and most can reach orgasm from it. But so, can you. Men have a prostate (women don’t) and it’s a really sensitive point up in your ass. Just a little inside the opening – in the front. That’s why anal stimulation is so good for men too. Or at least the men who are open to it. So, try to have anal sex too – it can be with a strap on dildo where the girl fucks you – or with dildos, vibrators or fingers. And most men tell that they get a much more intense orgasm from that.  So why not give it a try with one of our escorts that offer that service. Call and ask us.

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