To search for a date or call an escort girl?

The age-old question with the simple answer

Dating or Escort girl - Girls Deluxe Escort

Are you having a self-argument about whether you should spend time looking for a date or simply pick up the phone and call for a professional escort girl?

You’re not alone. This same predicament is tearing apart men across the World.

The inevitable question arises:

WHY it’s so hard to choose?

Dating or Escort girl - Girls Deluxe Escort

The imposed, enforced and largely false moral standards are causing the real mayhem inside our brains every time we face this dilemma. The societyis instructing us to spend time, money and energy in a search for an optimal female companionship.

The problem with this paradigm is its obsoleteness since it’s designed and enforced in times when dating game, as we know it today, didn’t even exist. Back then, you would court and eventually marry the girl. Everything beyond that was forbidden.

Nowadays, it’s about having a great time and, of course, sex before anything else.

Because a simple business trip doesn’t really have to include getting back home with the bride, does it?

True, females are using this same logic. But they are still living in a fairy tale believing how a man should do some hard effort to win her over just for a drink let alone for a night in a hotel room. For them, life became better, more relaxed and funnier. For us, the game got more complicated.

Dating vs. Escort girl

Dating or Escort girl - Girls Deluxe EscortBe honest, what is your greatest fear when you set yourself on a recon mission to find a suitable date?

It’s that fear of rejection, isn’t it?

Nobody likes that because it has such a tremendous negative impact on our confidence levels. A single non-verbal ‘No’ the night before may easily send us on the road of depression for days that follow.

On the other hand, a simple phone call can make all the difference. Choosing in favor of a professional escort eliminates the guessing game entirely making our lives much easier.

For example, let’s say that you are heading to the night club. There is no second thought on your mind. You are on the mission to get friendly with a hot woman.

On your way there your brain starts rolling out possible scenarios. The image of an attractive sexy stranger is in front of your eyes that whole time.

But then, the questions start popping out. You automatically start to feel the beginning of what will inevitably turn into an excruciating headache in the back of your head. The questions are relentless.

  • How much time will it take to A) spot the most viable target, and B) “design” the most optimal approach?
  • What to say?
  • How to behave?
  • Will she reject me?
  • How will I perform in the bed later that night if she somehow accepts my invitation to spend the night in my hotel room?
  • Would I be forced to apologize?
  • Will the entire experience turn into a bitter disappointment for her?
  • Will I eventually become one of those ridiculous anecdotes she’ll be telling to her gal pals?

Around the same time, a few blocks away, a young man is picking up his smartphone. After WhatsApp got up he dials +34 679 091 027

That simple decision made all the difference:

  1. Acceptance is guaranteed so no fear of rejection!
  2. A guessing factor gets automatically eliminated from the equation!
  3. No headache, discomfort, anxiety, or stress!
  4. Conversational skills don’t He can stay silent for days if he likes it that way. She will stay silent also if he requests that.
  5. He simply can’t disappoint anyone. It’s impossible.
  6. He has no need to apologize for anything no matter how he performs in bed. Whatever he likes at that particular moment, she will give it to him, no questions asked!
  7. He has this unique opportunity to learn and master entirely new sex skills.
  8. He has the privilege to spend time in a company of a devoted and passionate professional; a woman who will give him pleasures never before experienced. It doesn’t happen all that often.
  9. He can “break the arrangement” whenever he wants, no strings attached. In other words, he doesn’t have to worry about someone ending up hurt. Or having to face a woman to tell her that it’s over.


Who do you think will spend a more exciting and fulfilling night?



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