Do you like luxury and meeting interesting people – and at the same time make really good money? Then read on – You might be the perfect candidate to be an escort. Right now we are searching for:

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Despite what many people say – working as a deluxe high-class escort is fun and interesting – if you are connected to the right agency that really takes care of you. An agency that connects you with high-class clients from all over the world.

At VIP Deluxe girls we offer you a bit more than other agencies – in a friendly and supportive way. That way you can feel more self-confident and enjoy your work even more.

We give you security and total discretion – professional marketing and first class phone service. We help you with being the best escort and we offer to educate you. We even offer you personal coaching if you need that – to help you see what to do AFTER your career here. We also introduce you to a financial adviser – if you want. All are voluntary.

We give you a safe and inspiring environment to work in – With us you are the most important person. If YOU are happy the clients are also happy.

It’s not necessary to have experience as an escort to work with us. We will help and teach you all the way. What we look at are your beauty, openness, and intelligence. We also look at your ability to communicate on many levels and for sure that you love to please and love sex.

We can’t promise you what you will learn – it all depends on how much you work and how often you are available. We will give you a more exact idea about your income potential when we meet at the casting meeting.

Before you are going to send us your application, take a look at the points below and also read our pro and con of being an escort.


What we are looking for in a new escort?

What we are looking for in you:

We have a lot of different clients – so we are looking for a different kind of girls. Here are some of the general things we are looking for at your castings:

  • You must be a minimum of 18 years old. But we are also looking for more mature escorts – all with an attractive beauty and special charisma. They are actually really popular. You must be ok with giving your clients various sexual services. We will talk about what kind of services YOU Are willing to work with. We are NOT going to demand you to do things that surpass your limits. We want you to enjoy what you do.
  • To match you with the right clients, we are always open towards your preferences. But one fixed term is that you are willing to work with more mature (clients aged 60 years or more).
  • We prefer girls who speak at least Spanish and some English. If you speak other languages, it’s a great advantage for you.


What personality do we look for?

  • We want to hear from you if you are charismatic, charming, elegant, intelligent, humorists, loyal, sexy, adventurous, punctual, very discrete, trustworthy and self-confident.
  • To be an escort is quite an adventurous career so if you are motivated by trying new things and getting to know interesting and inspiring people it’s perfect. If you are an escort ONLY for the money – you won’t have a lot of success. You also have to be motivated by pleasing, adventure, passion, sensuality and fun. As we say – First come passion for what you do – then the money will follow.
  • You need to have a healthy lifestyle to be attractive to the high-class clients you will meet at VIP Girls Deluxe.
  • You need to be able to have a good conversation with many different clients, all the way from intelligent, ambitious businessmen, demanding millionaires, to rock stars and all the way to nervous first-timers.
  • The intelligence we are looking for is EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE. It has nothing to do with a degree but if you have an education – we prefer that – but it’s NOT a demand.


Your look

  • We are looking for a lot of different types – right from the small girl type to the more mature curved woman with the right proportions. We want girls and women who are active and interesting to be with. And we want to be able to fulfill all our clients’ wants and needs. We prefer if you have a sexy twinkle in your eyes and a wonderful welcoming smile – and that you have a beautiful and friendly face.
  • For sure we want you to be a girl/woman who takes good care of your body and skin. And your hair.
  • Some clients prefer girls without tattoos and some like you to have tattoos – so that should not keep you away from applying.


Write to us HERE to talk about working with us or send a message to +34 679 091 027.  

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