Please note that – all escort girls that VIP Girls Deluxe work with and that are shown on this website are independent entrepreneurs. VIP Girls Deluxe work as their agent handling was the marketing, telephone and website management. Also security screening. 

VIP Girls Deluxe escort agency will be paid for the between the client and the escort – there will be no contract at any time between the agency and the client. The only contract is between the escort lady and the client.

By contacting VIP Girls Deluxe and requesting an escort girl and a potential resulting meeting there is no contractual relationship between you as the client and the agency. The agency only acts as a broker. This is part of a procurement contract with the Escort lady. The agency receives a commission from the escort lady for the promotional activities, the operation of the website, telephone service, security services, etc.

The agency’s service is free for you as a client. If your reservation request is accepted by the lady, there is only a contract between you and the lady / the ladies. Payment will only happen to the escort  – not to us as the agency.


Please note:

As independents, the escort girls decide freely and at their sole discretion to accept or reject a booking request. In case the booking request is accepted by the escort lady a contract between you and the lady will be established.

The escorts are usually working next to another profession or studies working as self-employed entrepreneurs and provide the services on their own account.

It is in your own interest to ask for booking in good time – but same day bookings are normally also possible. The escorts at VIP Girls Deluxe freely dispose of their time. We can not guarantee that the escort girls listed on the website are available at all times. We can only confirm your appointment request after talking with the escort/escorts we agree on.

Of course, we transfer your request directly and immediately to the desired escort/escorts. You will get to know as soon as possible whether the booking can take place or not. If not we will help you find good alternatives.

It will not be possible for you to talk directly with the escort girl to arrange the meeting.

When a reservation is accepted:

If a reservation/booking is accepted, the fee is payable by you directly to the lady in an unsealed envelope in the BEGINNING of your meeting. The amount of the fee depends on the amount of time spent by you with the escort. Please note that the fee is not a fee for a specific service. It’s a fee for HER time together with you.

You determine, in agreement with the escort lady how you want to spend the time with her.

You can find more information about the interests and preferences of escort girls in the respective profile pages on this site.  In addition, you will also find information on travel expenses that may be added if you want the escort to travel further distances with you – or to meet with you.

The escort girls decide freely and in agreement with you if you want to extend or even to cancel the meeting. For more information about cancellation and the guarantee – see the terms.


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