The Agency – VIP Girls Deluxe is a is a marketing and consultancy company who represent the Escort to take care of the marketing and bookings of escort meetings with clients by phone and email for the Escort. The Agency will invest in Marketing and maintain a professional website to promote the Escort.

By starting to work with GirlsDeluxe you accept and acknowledge that you have read and understood those terms and rules.

If you don’t follow those rules we are sorry but then we will have to stop the cooperation with you and take you off the site immediately.

  1. The meetings the Escorts have with clients includes the following:

Escorting clients to hotels, dinner dates, functions, and parties, or other places agreed upon. Deliver services and accompany as agreed with the client before or at the start of the booking. What happens on these meetings is agreed between the Escort and the Client.

The agency does NOT take care of payments – that’s solely between the escort and the client.


  1. Duration of Agreement.

The Escort and the Agency agree to work together for a minimum of 3 months and this contract remains in force until terminated by one of the parties. Either party may terminate this Agreement at any time upon 30 day’s written notice to the other party.

The contract can be terminated immediately by either party in the case of the breach of the Rules for escorts.


  1. Rules for the Escorts

Escort hereby accept the rules for Escort girls working with the agency as specified in appendix A. If the escort breach those rules the Agency reserve the right to cancel the contract immediately.


A: Availability:

The Escort is free to determine her working hours – but always obliged to inform the agency of her availability. Minimum 5 hours per day – 5 days per week. 

B: Professional photos

The escort must have professional photos of high quality to be able to work with AGENCY.

C: Advertising

The escort is free to work independently as an escort and make her own bookings besides working with the agency. And she is also free to work with other agencies at the same time. But at the same rates as she does with this agency. If she advertises lower prices than the ones that are advertised at VIP Girls Deluxe website or advertising – it needs to be corrected with 3 days – or the contract will be terminated immediately.

D: Discretion and confidentiality

The escort is bound by a total non-expiring confidentiality and non-disclosure agreement with the agency. She is not allowed to during or at any time after the termination of this contract allowed to reveal any information whatsoever about clients, agency, services delivered or any other information she might have gotten during her work with the agency. If this non-disclosure term is breached we reserve the right to demand full compensation for any harm done to the client or the agency.

E: Personal details

The escort may never reveal personal de or contact info to the clients. And the escort must never get personal info or contact details from the clients.


  1. Promotion and advertising

The agency shall promote Escort to its clients in via internet, social media and where it may seem fit. Agency shall take care of client contact and bookings through telephone or email during the agency´s working hours.


  1. Amount of clients

Agency cannot guarantee the number of clients it will be able to refer to Escort since this will depend upon the choice of Agency’s clients.


  1. Compensation.

The agency only takes care of marketing and bookings. Clients pay the Escort directly for the meetings. Escort will pay the Agency a fixed commission of 40% of the fees paid by the clients. The payment shall be transferred as agreed within 24 hours after the booking has taken place.


  1. Independent Contractor Relationship

Escort is an independent contractor and is not an employee, servant, partner or joint venturer of Agency. Agency shall take care of marketing, advising and telephone contact on behalf of the Escort. The escort fully determines which services to deliver during the meetings booked by the agency.


The Escort is fully responsible for reporting and paying taxes, VAT, insurance and other costs.

Escort is not entitled to receive the benefits which employees of the Agency are entitled, and is not entitled to receive and shall not be entitled to workers compensation, unemployment compensation, medical insurance, life insurance, paid vacations, paid holidays, pension, profit sharing, or Social Security on account of his services to Agency.


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